Who is Eldon Huff?

Who is the Eldon Huff Band?


At a time in the music industry when gimmicks and multi-million dollar stage productions often overshadow the music, the Eldon Huff Band keeps it simple and straight to the point, with a no frills approach that will kick you right in the gut.  Just the band, their instruments, and their passion is all that is needed at an Eldon Huff Band show.  At first listen you would be willing to bet that Huff and his band mates were a product of growing up, in some place rich in musical heritage, like Muscle Shoals, Alabama, Macon, Georgia, or Jacksonville, Florida.  But no.  You’ll find it quite surprising to know that front man and band leader, Eldon Huff, was born and raised in the coal-mining hills of Harlan, KY.  It was there that he began his career at just 12 years old, playing in a house band at a local V.F.W.  In fact, it wasn’t a guitar, but the skins of a drum kit and a Lynyrd Skynyrd cassette tape, that got it all started. He would spend countless hours, pounding away at the drum parts, and later breaking down the guitar riffs, of the Southern Rock masters. That is what undoubtably shaped who he is as a musician, singer, and songwriter.  From the screaming guitar solo’s of Freebird and Molly Hatchet to the deep lyrical content of songs like Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd), Melissa (The Allman Brothers) , and Fall of the Peacemakers (Molly Hatchet), Huff knew at a very early age where the road would eventually take him.


Throughout his teens and early twenties he honed his skills in the dive bars and honky-tonks of Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. Then in just one short year, after his move to Nashville in 2004, Music Row quickly recognized him as a serious "Triple Threat". An ace guitarist with a soulful voice filled with honesty and conviction, matched with down home lyrics and a stage presence all his own.  Record labels and publishers soon started calling and he eventually settled into a solo deal with Sony, in 2007. During his 3 years at Sony, he and his band stayed on the road playing nearly 200 shows a year, building and maintaining a loyal fan base.  After a departure from Sony, in 2010, Huff then took a sideman gig as lead guitarist and background vocalist for, country artist, Eric Church.  The time spent as a sideman on a major tour inspired Huff, to search a little deeper for his own voice as an artist, and form the Eldon Huff Band, along with long-time guitarist and friend, Eric Lopez. 


After spending 2016 and 2017 writing and recording for their debut album, the band released, “Addicted” it’s first single and music video in October of 2017.  With an album set to release in the Summer of 2018, the Eldon Huff Band has set out to prove that Southern Rock-n-Roll will never go out of style.